Machinery Accessories Area

Machinery accessories exhibition area

Electrical transmission: servo motor and frequency converter, transmission, mechanical drive system, stepper motor, reducer, industrial motor, wire and cable, industrial switch button, relay, transformer, guide rail, electrical and optoelectronic components, testing and testing equipment.
Accessories: positioning components, structural components, direct components, drive unit, control unit, mechanical components, sensors, mobile chassis, driving wheel, batteries, servo motor, dc motor, the charging machine, relay, controller, brake, reducer, actuators, bearing, carrying institutions, site identification, and communication module electronic labels, touch screen, form a complete set of logistics equipment, etc.
Others: connectors, terminals, welding, pneumatic, hydraulic and sealing technologies, bearings, linear/linear modules, electric cylinders, positioning slide table, factory automation equipment and parts, non-standard automation equipment, numerical control system, electronic parts and auxiliary equipment.



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