Group to visit

The group audience is treated respectfully:

1. Receive the visitor badges of all team members before the exhibition, avoid the on-site registration procedures, and enter the exhibition directly
2. Each tour member will be entitled to a complimentary package (exquisite gifts, tour guide, electronic bulletin, etc.).
3。 The team organizer will receive an extra promotion gift
4. Enjoy free coffee and refreshments in VIP lounge
5。 The organizing committee provides group photo taking service for the visiting group
6. Inform the visiting and purchasing intention in advance, and assist in meeting relevant exhibitors

Convenience of group visit:

Plan 1suitable for groups of more than 20 people):
1.Arrange a shuttle bus to pick you up free of charge
2.On-site reception by special personnel
3。Express admission badge before the exhibition
4.Other supporting value-added services

Plan 2suitable for groups of more than 10 people and less than 20 people) :
1.Arrange car sharing with adjacent companies and pick up free of charge
2。On-site reception by special personnel
3。Express admission badge before the exhibition
4。Other supporting value-added services

For registration form or more information,please contact us directly through the following contact information:
Contact person: Manager Zhang
Telephone: 13522144851
Work QQ: 728009121
Email: 728009121 /
After submitting the group application form, we will review it and reply within 5 working days.
Deadline for group visit application: 22.02.2020



Shanghai Lilai Exhibition Service Co。, Ltd

Contact: Mr. Jian Zhang

Tel:  0086 13522144851 (with WeChat)

Website: http://www。asia-sia。com/



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